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Business "as usual" not an option for employment issues


PRESS RELEASE No 082/2009 11 June 2009

Business "as usual" not an option for employment issues

A few days before the Heads of State and Government are to adopt conclusions about the way out of the labour market crisis, the EESC fine-tunes civil society's recommendations to save jobs.
In the opinion "Results of the Employment Summit" (SOC/434) adopted in plenary session on 11June, rapporteur Wolfgang Greif (Austria, Employees- Group) reiterates the Committee's priority to prevent mass lay-offs and further rises in unemployment which, as a recent OECD forecast predicts, might reach 12 % in 2010 throughout the Union. The numbers of unemployed are rising at an unprecedented speed. Services' and manufacturers' sectors are particularly hit by the crisis. Against this background, and having already contributed to the Employment Summit in Prague at the specific request of European Commission President José Manuel Barroso, the EESC considers that additional measures are necessary.
The Committee stresses the need to use publicly subsidised active employment policy instruments and formulates the necessity to improve employability, encourage entrepreneurship and socially sustainable mobility. Structural reforms must continue in a way which is compatible with social concerns. Consumer and investor confidence needs to be restored by ensuring and encouraging private and public-sector demand. Income cuts must be avoided as far as possible and equality of opportunity must be promoted while targeting inequalities and ensuring greater security in the labour market. A temporarily flexible approach to the Stability Pact should allow for public investment and the expansion of the tax revenue base in the Member States. The Committee reiterates its appeal for an increase of supply by and facilitated access to European Funds.
"Enhanced social dialogue and strengthened wage agreements are needed", Greif said when presenting his opinion at the plenary session. "Social partners and other representatives of organised civil society have a key role to play in tackling the crisis. Decision-makers from business, social and political spheres are responsible for ensuring that a similar crisis does not happen again."

For more details, please contact:

Barbara Gessler at the EESC Press Office,
99 rue Belliard, B-1040 Brussels
Tel.: +32 2 546 9396; Mobile: +32 475 75 32 02
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The European Economic and Social Committee represents the various economic and social components of organised civil society. It is an institutional consultative body established by the 1957 Treaty of Rome. Its consultative role enables its members, and hence the organisations they represent, to participate in the Community decision-making process. The Committee has 344 members, who are appointed by the Council of Ministers.

EEA Consultative Committee recommends setting up a Baltic Sea Civil Society Forum and promotes green jobs


PRESS RELEASE No 078/2009 28 May 2009

EEA Consultative Committee recommends setting up a Baltic Sea Civil Society Forum and promotes green jobs

On 26 May 2009, the EEA Consultative Committee (EEA CC), meeting in Brussels, recommended setting up a consultative "Baltic Sea Civil Society Forum"; the objective is to ensure the involvement of civil society and social partner organisations, including Iceland and Norway, in the EU's Baltic Sea Strategy. The Consultative Committee also highlighted the devastating impact that climate change and the recent financial crisis have had on our economies and societies and underlined the importance of combating both crises simultaneously.
Two resolutions were adopted at the meeting. The first resolution highlights the vital role of civil society organisations and social partners in implementing the EU's Baltic Sea Strategy. The external relations dimension of the Strategy should be linked to cooperation within the EEA and the EU's Northern Dimension policy. Russia's active participation and commitment to Baltic Sea cooperation is also of crucial importance here. Implementation of the Strategy would require the establishment of a separate budget; otherwise the strategy would be no more than a political statement and would not achieve its aims.
The second resolution underlines the potential of green jobs in helping to complete both the environmental and social/employment agenda. However, this requires greater efforts to close existing skills gaps, to develop skills for future green jobs, and to train, retrain and educate people for the transition into green jobs.
Mr Matthias Brinkmann, European Commission, representing the President-in-Office of the EEA Joint Committee, and H.E. Stefán Haukur Johannesson, Ambassador of Iceland to the EU, representing the Icelandic Presidency of the EEA EFTA States, briefed the meeting on the state of play with the EEA Agreement and exchanged views with Committee members, Mr Per Sanderud, President of the EFTA Surveillance Authority, and Ms Stine Andresen, Director of the Financial Mechanism Office.
The EEA CC noted that in the coming days the Icelandic parliament will start procedures with a view to grant the Icelandic government a mandate to apply for EU membership. The aim of the Icelandic government was to submit a formal application to the Swedish EU Presidency in early July. The Committee appreciated greatly Icelandic Ambassador's openness and will closely monitor developments in Iceland.
In addition, the EEA CC discussed the global economic and financial crisis, with speeches by the following participants: Mr Anthony Whelan, Head of Private Office for Commissioner Neelie Kroes, DG Competition, EESC member Mr Thomas Delapina and Ms Cinzia Alcidi, Research Fellow at the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS).
The resolutions referred to will be published on the following link:

For more details, please contact:
Barbara Gessler at the EESC Press Office,
99 rue Belliard, B-1040 Brussels
Tel.: +32 2 546 9396; Mobile: +32 475 75 32 02
Press Releases: (English) (French)

The European Economic and Social Committee represents the various economic and social components of organised civil society. It is an institutional consultative body established by the 1957 Treaty of Rome. Its consultative role enables its members, and hence the organisations they represent, to participate in the Community decision-making process. The Committee has 344 members, who are appointed by the Council of Ministers.

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Rom- Person Spec Support Worker

Support Worker A2 Specialist Person Specification

We will be looking for evidence of all the following key competences during the selection process, if you are shortlisted.
Although we are keeping direct experience/knowledge requirements to a minimum, we do need you to use the application form or CV covering letter to demonstrate your capabilities in relation to each of the criteria listed in Sections 1 and 2 below (addressing each point in order). Where relevant use your answers to illustrate how your competences have helped you achieve positive results. This will give you the best possible chance of being shortlisted.

 Personal effectiveness
 Organisation and delivery of results
 Proactivity and initiative
 Creativity and innovation
 Problem-solving and decision-making
 Analysing and interpreting written and numerical information
 Self development
 Communication
 Managing self and relationships with others
 Team working and co-operation
 Negotiating and influencing
 Customer and client focus & managing diversity
 Building effective external relationships
 Maintaining and using systems
 Using IT

1. Previous Experience
1.1 Helping vulnerable people to identify personal goals and supporting them through a process of change
1.2 Managing complex and difficult situations in relation to people
1.3 Liaising with and co-ordinating the work of a number of individuals and/or agencies to achieve effective outcomes
1.4 Experience of working with in team

2. Special Knowledge and Job Requirements
2.1 An ability to communicate to a high standard in Romanian and English (written and verbal)
2.2 Ability to maintain enthusiasm for a high level of contact with clients on a day to day basis
2.3 A non-judgemental approach to working with homeless people and migrant workers
2.4 Understanding of:
(a) the tasks involved in providing services to A2 Nationals (Romanian and Bulgarian Nationals)
(b) the needs and support requirements of vulnerable clients on low (or no) incomes, including those with mental health and/or substance dependency problems
(c) Professional boundary issues
(d) Case management
(e) Managing group situations
2.5 Familiarity with IT applications and basic keyboard skills
2.6 An understanding of the rights and services available to people of Eastern European (A2 Nationals)
2.7 An understanding of and commitment to Diversity & Equality as it applies to a supportive service and in the workplace.

3. Additional Job Requirements

3.1 Willingness and ability to work independently
3.2 Willingness to work flexibly in response to changing organisational requirements

Rom- Job Application ( Notes)

NOTES for Job Application – Support Worker A2 Specialist

Please read these notes carefully. They have been written to help you make the best of your application. The decision to shortlist you for interview will be based solely on the information you provide on the application form.
The form should be completed in black ink or word-processed. In order to help you understand the requirements of the role and what we are looking for, we have provided you with the following information:

‘Job Description’
Gives details of the duties of the post. Use this as a guide to decide whether or not you think the job would suit you.
‘Person specifichttp'
Lists the criteria, which will be used to assess your application & covers the qualifications, specialist knowledge, experience and track record that we are looking for.
Work Experience
• Include all relevant work experience including part-time or voluntary work, particularly if you have not been employed on a full-time basis before.
• Include any previous posts you may have had with your current employer.
Experience, Skills, Knowledge and Abilities
• This is the key section where you make your case for the job.
• The criteria in the person specification are listed in the application form - demonstrate your capabilities in relation to each of these points under the relevant headings.
One of the referees that you provide should be your present or most recent employer. If you have not been employed, or have been out of employment for a period of time, you may wish to give the name of anyone who knows you sufficiently well to confirm the information that you have given and to comment on your ability to do the job.
Notifying you about your application
Please note we are not able to acknowledge receipt of individual applications or notify applicants individually if you have not been shortlisted. The closing date for applications is 18.00 on Thursday 9th April 2009. We will notify shortlisted applicants within 5 days of the closing date. Interview will take place during the week of April 14th – April 17th 2009

Job Application Form

Personal Details

(Personal details will be detached for shortlisting purposes complying with the Upper Room’s Equal Opportunities Policy)

Position Applied For:

Full Name:


Telephone Number Daytime:

Email Address:

Are you eligible to work in the UK Yes No
Please provide proof of your eligibility to work in the UK by entering your British passport number below. If you do not hold a current British Passport please provide other evidence e.g. NI number certificate, work permit.
British Passport Number:

Education and Training

Please give details of education and training, including any relevant qualifications, starting with the most recent.

Date Training/Qualification

Please add rows or continue on an additional sheet if necessary.

Work Experience

Please give details of your employment history starting with the most recent including any voluntary/unpaid work, giving a brief outline of your duties.

Dates and Salary Job Title and Description Full or Part Time Reason For Leaving

Please add rows or continue on an additional sheet if necessary.

Experience, Skills, Knowledge and Abilities

Please give a description of your experience, skills, knowledge and abilities in relation to each point in the Person Specification.

Additional Questions

Why are you interested in this Job?

Please expand answer box or continue on an additional sheet if necessary

Start Date and Referees

If appointed when would you be available to start?

Please give the names and contact details of two referees, one of whom should be your last or present employer. References will be taken up if you are offered the post, any offer of employment will be subject to satisfactory references.

Referee 1 Referee 2
Name: Name:
Address: Address:
Telephone No: Telephone No:
Email: Email:
Position: Position:

The details given on this application are correct to my knowledge and belief. I understand that my application may be rejected or that I may be dismissed for withholding relevant details or giving false information. By signing and returning this application form I consent to Homeless Link using and keeping information about me - provided by me or third parties, such as referees - relating to my application or future employment. Such information includes details relating to my health and to any criminal record.

Signed: Date:

Sending in your application
Applications received after the published closing date will not be considered. The application form, together with the equal opportunities monitoring form, should be returned to:

Ur4jobs Project Manager
The Upper Room
St Saviour’s Church
Cobbold Road
London W12 9LN

ROM -Support Worker Job Description


Ur4jobs at the Upper Room
Support Worker A2 Specialist (Romanian&Bulgarian Nationals)

Job Title: Support Worker A2 Specialist (Romanian&Bulgarian Nationals)
Team: ur4jobs
Reporting to: Project Manager ur4jobs
Date reviewed: March 2009

A. Purpose of Job

The A2 Support Worker will lead on all aspects of services involving Advice, Welfare and Employment provided to A2 Nationals who attend the ur4jobs Programme at the Upper Room, St Saviour’s Church, Cobbold Road, London W12 9LN. They will be involved in the development of the post to meet the needs as they change over time with this particular group. The A2 SW will be responsible for building partnerships with agencies both inside and outside London.

B. Duties

- Promote and initiate partnerships with Employers, Recruitment Agencies and Job Centre Plus to provide legitimate work for client group
- Enter all basic details and make an initial assessment of needs for each client from this group approaching the service
- Explain and assist individuals to meet the legal requirements for working in the UK–as a Migrant Worker, Self-employed worker or as an employee
- Inform clients or employment rights and entitlements in the UK
- Assist clients with direction to ESOL, CIS and CSCS Information
- Assist clients with information on obtaining a National Insurance Number
- Assist clients with information on opening a UK Bank Account
- Assist with translation/Interpreting where necessary
- Explain Healthcare entitlement and link into healthcare provision.
- Organise initial travel expenses for clients who have obtained employment
- Liaise with Project Manager and other ur4jobs staff and volunteers. To share information with other staff when appropriate.
- Keep accurate records covering client activity and appropriate financial records
- Provide practical and emotional support and encouragement to this client group within the centre, fostering a mutually supportive and open relationship with this group
- Maintain good relationships with all involved within all internal and external bodies and to build new relationships with appropriate groups
- Carry out any other duties as necessary, commensurate with the post
- Report on activity each month in written form supplying a report to the Project Manager at supervision sessions
- To keep accurate written statistics in keeping with ur4jobs Statistics format and supply to Project manager at supervision sessions
- To participate in staff meetings, supervision meetings, training, team development sessions and other meetings as required. To report back as appropriate
- To share responsibility for the effective use of administrative systems in respect of clients records and staff communications
- To undertake all duties with particular reference to the Equal Opportunities and Health and Safety requirements of the Upper Room/ur4jobs Organisation

C. Conditions of Service

This is a part time post totalling 17.5 hours per week. Opening hours of the ur4jobs Project are 13.00 – 18.00 on Mondays and Fridays with unpaid lunch break of half an hour. The remaining hours are self-scheduled. The successful candidate will be engaged under a Service Level Agreement (self-employed).
Outside meetings, training and subsequent travel are included within the 10 hour total.
Overtime is not paid but time off in lieu will be granted for additional hours worked. Time off in lieu should be taken within the month it is incurred.

All job descriptions are subject to periodic review:

SALARY £13.50 per hour

LENGTH & TERMS of Service Level Agreement 14 weeks

Monday, 16 March 2009


We help people live their lives to the full

Notting Hill's Home Support service help people to live independently and with dignity. We currently have a wide range of job opportunities,which involve working with a variety of people.
You can choose to work in specific areas of support, where you might visit people in their own house, or as care worker in our accomodation-based care service. We also have office-based opportunietes for administration staff.
Our customers and accomodation based care services are based in Islington, Kensington and Chelsea, Barnet, Hammersmith and Fulham, Harrow, Brent, Westminster, Hounslow and Ealing.

What does working in Home Support involve?

* Being able to work on your own or as part of a team
* Having a willingness to learn new skills
* Encouraging people to keep active and to stay in contact with their friends and family
* Being kind and supportive with a mature approach

Current vacancies

Administration Officer, Domiciliary Care Officer, Night Domiciliary Care Officer, Support Officer.

Come to our Recruitment Open Days to find out more

* West London: Monday 30 March 2009 from 3:00pm-7:00pm
Elgin Resource Centre, 3 Elgin Close, Hammersmith W12 9NH
* North London: Monday 30 March 2009 from 3:00pm-7:00pm
73 Mildmay Street, Islington N1 4AQ
* North West London: Monday 30 March 2009 from 10:00am-2:00pm
60 Penfold Street, London NW8 8PJ

The open Days will involve some preliminary tests and an interview. If you are interested in working for Home Support and if we think that you might be suitable for a role, we will invite you back the following day for an interview.

For more information call 020 8357 5168 or visit

Thursday, 19 February 2009



TAHA is a leading national Agency specialising in
the provision of health and social care and capacity
building support services primarily to Black &
Minority Ethnic (BME) communities. We seek a Community Engagement Officer
Salary: £30662 - £31511 p.a. incl. ILW
You will take responsibility for devising & delivering
skills development, training & other support activity
to increase BME community engagement within
mainstream voluntary & statutory bodies’
governance arrangements and planning
mechanisms & address barriers which disempower
BMEs from engaging in civic life, governance &
leadership roles.
We require someone to make an immediate impact!

Applicants must have proven knowledge &
experience of community development &
empowerment, sustainable capacity building
training activities, voluntary and statutory sector
structures, governance & planning mechanisms.

Excellent communication skills & ability to engage &
empower individuals & groups from diverse BME
communities essential.

Post based in Southall
Job Sharers welcomed

Deadline for applications: 16th March 2009 by 5pm

Please note that CVs will not be accepted. Place your name at the top of any additional pages that are part of your application
We will only be contacting applicants who have been short listed for interview.
For further information please email or call 020 8571 7928

TAHA acknowledges financial support
from London Councils

Saturday, 14 February 2009




Calling all Cultural Experts!
Share your Cultural Expertise Internationally

Dear Colleague,

As someone with considerable expertise in the cultural field we would like to invite you to join an exciting online service we are launching is an interactive service allowing people working or interested in arts and culture to directly engage with experts from across the globe in a particular cultural area or theme. It's the perfect opportunity for experts in heritage, media, performing arts, visual arts, literature or a professional area such as management, education, marketing, funding, creative industries, etc., to share their knowledge and expertise with those who need help. is a free service and as an expert you can answer as many questions as you wish at your leisure. It will also develop over time as an important resource and archive, providing questions and answers on a range of topics of interest to the arts and cultural sector.

To register as an expert and to find out more about how this service works
simply visit

Sneak preview!
Be part of the European Year of Creativity and Innovation 2009

EUCLID is currently organising a series of events across the UK in April/May to celebrate the European Year of Creativity and Innovation, and we are currently seeking inspirational individuals to be part of these events.

The aim of this series of events is to highlight the importance of creativity and innovation in the broad economic and social context and individuals from Europe and beyond will be invited to stimulate debate and discussion.

Rather than being traditional conferences, the format for each event will seek to provide the maximum opportunity to best explore these themes and allow for a genuine input and participation from those attending.

If you would be interested in participating or would like to recommend someone who would make a positive contribution to these events then please email

We look forward to your “askanexpert” registration and to your suggestions regarding the proposed EYIC events.

Kind regards

Geoffrey Brown




There are not job listed at the moment.



Romanian People required for PAID market research work 16th Feb.

Dear Madam,

I hope you don’t mind me emailing .
I got your address from the Romania Society website.
I am looking for people for a market research group. THIS IS PAID WORK..
Thought you MAYBE able to help to try to contact suitable people.

Here are the details of what I are looking for:
1) People who have been in England for longer than 3 months who speak good English, who are either Polish/Romanian/Lithuania/Latvia/Estonia .
2) They should use a money transfer agency to send money home REGULARLY.
3) They DO NOT send money back through their banks.

The informal group takes place on MONDAY 16th FEB at 8.30pm for two and a half hours.
The venue will be a function room in a central London pub. ( location to be confirmed.)
Food and drink will be provided.
Cash incentive £50.

If you know anyone who maybe interested please forward this email a.s.a.p.
I really appreciate your help on this matter

All the best
Jane Winkles

51 Clink Street Studios
Clink Street

020 7407 2546