Thursday, 26 March 2009

Rom- Person Spec Support Worker

Support Worker A2 Specialist Person Specification

We will be looking for evidence of all the following key competences during the selection process, if you are shortlisted.
Although we are keeping direct experience/knowledge requirements to a minimum, we do need you to use the application form or CV covering letter to demonstrate your capabilities in relation to each of the criteria listed in Sections 1 and 2 below (addressing each point in order). Where relevant use your answers to illustrate how your competences have helped you achieve positive results. This will give you the best possible chance of being shortlisted.

 Personal effectiveness
 Organisation and delivery of results
 Proactivity and initiative
 Creativity and innovation
 Problem-solving and decision-making
 Analysing and interpreting written and numerical information
 Self development
 Communication
 Managing self and relationships with others
 Team working and co-operation
 Negotiating and influencing
 Customer and client focus & managing diversity
 Building effective external relationships
 Maintaining and using systems
 Using IT

1. Previous Experience
1.1 Helping vulnerable people to identify personal goals and supporting them through a process of change
1.2 Managing complex and difficult situations in relation to people
1.3 Liaising with and co-ordinating the work of a number of individuals and/or agencies to achieve effective outcomes
1.4 Experience of working with in team

2. Special Knowledge and Job Requirements
2.1 An ability to communicate to a high standard in Romanian and English (written and verbal)
2.2 Ability to maintain enthusiasm for a high level of contact with clients on a day to day basis
2.3 A non-judgemental approach to working with homeless people and migrant workers
2.4 Understanding of:
(a) the tasks involved in providing services to A2 Nationals (Romanian and Bulgarian Nationals)
(b) the needs and support requirements of vulnerable clients on low (or no) incomes, including those with mental health and/or substance dependency problems
(c) Professional boundary issues
(d) Case management
(e) Managing group situations
2.5 Familiarity with IT applications and basic keyboard skills
2.6 An understanding of the rights and services available to people of Eastern European (A2 Nationals)
2.7 An understanding of and commitment to Diversity & Equality as it applies to a supportive service and in the workplace.

3. Additional Job Requirements

3.1 Willingness and ability to work independently
3.2 Willingness to work flexibly in response to changing organisational requirements

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